The Company at A Glance

PT Kresna Graha Investama Tbk (“The Company”) is a publicly-listed holding company headquartered in Indonesia focused on two main sectors, namely, digital & technology and finance & investment, in a highly integrated manner.

Since its founding, the Company has embraced a vision to become the leader that accelerates the transformation of Indonesian society into a robust digital lifestyle by utilizing disruptive global technology excellence. Along with this vision, the Company demonstrates its steadfast commitment by continuously growing businesses run by disruptive and innovative founders to be the main platform providers for Industrial Revolution 4.0. in Indonesia, through the various business activities of its subsidiaries.

Guided by its corporate philosophy of ‘Moment of Genius’, the Company strives to strengthen its positioning as a digital business integrator, with its competitive edge sharpened by a comprehensive and deep digital distribution network and infrastructure across the entire archipelago. The Company’s digital distribution channels include digital distribution points, digital kiosks, apps and chatbots in use in traditional stores as well as various offline distribution points such as modern and traditional markets.

The Company’s Digital Roadmap relies on three core strategies, i.e.:

1. Growing users exponentially through partnerships;

2. Building digital infrastructure and distribution networks; and

3. Enriching the infrastructure in the digital ecosystem with use cases.

The Company’s business model is grounded upon its well-established competence in the finance and investment field, which serves as a foundation for its four pillars of digital and technology business: banking & fintech; telecommunications; retail & consumer; and distribution & logistics.

Our Moment of Genius Philosophy

Our philosophy has its roots in the story of Kresna, a character from the Javanese puppetry tradition, who during his life was inspired in a moment of genius that continues to motivate us to this very day. On the 13th day of battle in the Bharatayudha War, Jayadratha of the Kuravas managed to trap Abhimanyu, Arjuna’s son and beloved of all the Pandavas, in a difficult situation in the thick of battle. Abhimanyu was then brutally murdered by the Kurava troops.

Hearing of his son’s death, Arjuna was furious and vowed to have revenge, promising that he would kill Jayadratha before the sun set that day. Should he fail, he would burn himself alive on a pyre, in a spectacle to be witnessed by all. Jayadratha did not falter. With Guru Drona’s tactics, which created a combination of three protective layers of troops, Jayadratha managed to hide among the Kuravas. Arjuna kept on charging, until dusk was about to settle. By the time the sun was setting, Arjuna still had not managed to find and face the real Jayadratha.

Kresna, who as Arjuna’s charioteer was on the side of the Pandavas, came up with a stroke of genius. With his Sudarshana Chakra, which he cast into the sky, Kresna created an illusory solar eclipse that led everyone to think it was time that the sun had set. Seeing that Arjuna had failed to accomplish what he had vowed, the Kuravas cheered to celebrate his defeat. Jayadratha, who had been skulking behind Duryodana, reappeared.

At that instant, Kresna withdrew his chakra and the sun shone its dying rays on the battlefield. Spotting the gleeful Jayadratha, Arjuna shot an arrow straight through Jayadratha’s neck, killing him on the spot. He thus avenged the death of his son Abhimanyu. Kresna’s moment of genius inspires all of us Kresnans* to harness our ingenuity and deliver innovative solutions to address the needs of our clients, thus serving them well. 

* Kresna = all employees of the Company

Vision & Mission




1. To drive national economic development through financial and digital technology innovations

2. To champion a culture of trust, integrity and excellence in digital commerce and capital markets

3. To provide a comprehensive and integrated range of digital products and services around the clock

4. to integrate the Indonesian market with global markets

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