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Indonesian Bike and E-Scooter Sharing Platform & Application GOWES to provide its IoT platform and application for Freego and TTec electric scooters all over the world

Jakarta, 5 March 2019 – GOWES Bike and E-Scooter Sharing Platform & Application has recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with two leading China-based global electronic scooter (e-scooter) manufacturers, Freego High-Tech Co. Ltd. (Freego) and Shenzhen TeteZhiZao Co. Ltd. (TTec). As a top service owned by PT Surya Teknologi Perkasa (STP), a subsidiary of the leading digital distribution company PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk (IDX: MCAS), GOWES will provide its advanced e-scooter sharing platform and mobile application for e-scooters manufactured by the two companies.

This strategic partnership marks a big step for GOWES to enter the global market, considering Freego is one of the leading innovative high-tech companies on the development of smart vehicles in China and has been named as "China's' Top 10 Brands 2015" and "No. 1 Brand of Smart Balance Wheels in Europe" and also has been registered as a brand in the European Union. Meanwhile, TTec, as a manufacturer of e-scooters who actively markets scooter products with the latest developments and innovations, has been marketing its top product, TTecWay self-balancing scooter, to more than 10 countries in South Asia, Australia, Europe and America.

Director of STP, Iwan Suryaputra said, "We are very pleased to enter this strategic partnership with Freego and TTec, as it shows that GOWES has been recognized internationally. This collaboration demonstrates a big milestone for us to penetrate the global market and expand our service network. This step will also be a starting point for us to establish a strong foundation at the global level, offering our IoT platform services as an infrastructure platform for thousands of e-scooters and bike sharing businesses. Our dream is that in the future, international scooter sharing users will only need a GOWES application and use it in various cities worldwide."

"The collaboration carried out in this partnership is the co-branding of GOWES platform and application for scooters manufactured by Freego and TTec operated by the scooter sharing local operators. In the future, the scooter sharing operators will be able to choose their co-branding option by using the GOWES brand or 'Powered by GOWES'. By utilizing GOWES platform and mobile application on the scooters from these two companies, the market potential is very broad, as each year the two companies produce and distribute up to 150,000 scooter units to various parts of the world" Iwan added.

The GOWES platform and mobile application service is equipped with back-end reporting, administration, marketing tools and scooter maintenance modules; in which it is a perfect one-stop solution for electronic scooter sharing companies who are actively selling their products globally in order to fulfill the market demand for smart electronic fleets. Moreover, along with the rapidly growing e-scooter sharing businesses throughout the world, this strategic collaboration will facilitate global users in using this eco-friendly transportation easily and comfortably, through one mobile application.

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